We invite you to grow with our weekly  teaching on a variety of topics surrounding dreams. Every individual can be aware that their dreams are a valuable gift from God. By faith we can receive understanding of dream language and multiply our potential for much needed strategy.

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Fostering Mentorship

Be trained and equipped on the importance and value of your dreams through training events, webinars and mentorship.

Dream Interpretation

and Hebrew Calendar

Learn how God aligns the prophetic to the times and seasons in the Hebraic calendar for maximum strategy and revelation.

Submit your dreams

Submit a dream and recieve a response for clear interpretations


iDream Global’s vision was founded by Cheri Hazelwood who was introduced to the power of dreams at the early age of 13 when a simple dream given to her atheist grandfather ultimately led to his salvation. We have helped families, businesses and ministries enhance lives and advance the Kingdom. iDream Global is on a quest to make understanding one of God’s languages to his bride easy for any individual.

Mission Statement

The purpose of iDream Global is to help individuals receive a clear interpretation of their dreams and to provide simplified quality materials, training events and webinars  accessible in an affordable, quick and easy manner.