A Thing or Two We Could Learn From King Jesus Regarding Handling Trances

A Thing or Two We Could Learn From King Jesus Regarding Handling Trances

Trances are in God’s plan as part of the mystic world of dreams and visions. 1 Corinthians 13vs.11NIV. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

We are living in tumultuous times when the Warrior Bride of Christ is discovering that her beauty would be harvested to the degree that she wars for her identity in Christ and by her increase in spiritual authority. If you are familiar with the Apostolic core teaching, spiritual maturity is the reigning topic of the day. Instruction of the word of God led through the vehicle mantle ‘Apostolic/Prophetic,’ is serious about increased sensitivity to Holy Spirit under the fivefold ministry. For reference see the bible, Ephesians chapter four. Amongst some, dreams and visions are highly referenced and confirmed as part of God’s process working within the church growth and life to advance maturity and provide a strategy for advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. See Joel 2vs. 28. The present reality though is that many in the church are still misled through lack of fundamental teaching on the relevance and necessity for growth in this area.

A Trance is a mighty armory for the Glory of God

Have you ever considered the reality that only a deep (deep) God can reach the depth of a deep (deep) man whom He created?  God is calling us to dwell in the deep. The word of God confirms that Christ will be revealed in us in Glory. We should ask ourselves again concerning the exact position of Christ now as He relates with His Warrior Bride. Positioning oneself to receive and understand the gift of Trances is to trust the infilling of Holy Spirit. By this God will ensure you receive every good and perfect gift which comes from the Father of Lights, who is above. This does not mean we go out seeking trances but rather as we live as lovers of God, He chooses to whom He gives and clarifies the purposes for it. In the meantime, we go on tasting and seeing that the Lord is good all-around in our lives.

How to Relate with Trances in the Season of Apostolic Times

May the true light Himself shine revelation on us. Our ‘Time’ should always reflect a yielding spirit so that God can actively wrought His substance into our being. This is the season to turn all our existence to God and receive training and equipping skills from those who fully invest themselves in the gospel of God for the increase of His Kingdom. A Trance is used by The Lord, as He works from out of time as we know it, and with a goal to accelerate a ‘now’ word into action, with clear vision and strategy. He does this to significantly and impact our walk with Him individually and corporately, here on earth.  May our time always be in His hands.

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