Angels On Assignment

Angels On Assignment

I had an encounter with an angel a couple of years ago.  In this encounter The angel asked me, “Do you want to learn the writings of angels?”  My response was a resounding YES, OF COURSE I DO!  He handed me a blank sheet of paper with a sharp pencil (how did he know that I love writing with pencils?) The angel then said to me, “Write the letter B.”  I was very careful to write the most  perfect “B”  I have ever written before.  Heaven was watching me and I was not going to make a mistake!  I never crossed a line.  My B was beautifully perfect, reaching every point with precision!  I was very pleased with myself.  The angel took the pencil from me and said, “This is how angels write.”  He wrote the letter B, but instead of it being perfectly in bounds, he passed every point of contact. The letter kept going and going and going.  It never stopped.  It was an eternal letter.  The angel then handed me another blank sheet of paper with the same pencil and asked me another question,  “Do you want to learn the writings of heaven?” Again, I resounded with,  “YES, OF COURSE I DO”  he said, “Write the letter D.”  You would think that I would have written the letter passing every point.  That I would have gone beyond the teachings I learned as a child to stay within the boundaries, and followed the way the angel wrote out the letter B.  But I didn’t,  instead, I stayed with the perfection of the letter.  The D never ran over.  It stayed beautifully perfect within its perimeter.  The angel patiently and lovingly took the pencil from me and said, “this is the way heaven writes.”  The D was written just like the B.  All boundaries, perimeters, structures , laws of writing were blown out of the water as the squiggly writing went on and on and on.

Now this encounter took place at my granny’s house near her sewing room, laundry room, and study room (they were all combined) and standing in the room was my deceased friend Denise.

After this encounter I wandered…Why this room, why was Denise present to witness this and why these letters?



The angel was showing me that if I wanted to express the writings of heaven/angels then I must sew a new garment that would be able to hold the new wine, wash my dirty garments from false teachings of what kingdom writing is suppose to look like and study God’s word for more heavenly perspective.


Denise’s name means; Reborn.  The scripture that goes with her name is Isaiah 65:17 For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former shall to be remembered or come to mind.


These letters are very personal to me.  The letter B represents the name Benjamin.  My husband wrote a book about the Tribe of Benjamin and this is our life message.  The letter D is symbolic of dreams.  This also is a life message for us.  The angel came on assignment to reveal the necessity of going beyond my understanding and past teachings of how to release this two callings.  They are a kingdom mandate from heaven and must be released the right way in order to have an everlasting, eternal effect.

Angels will often be the carrier of dreams.  There will be specific dreams that you will receive from heaven that are for an eternal purpose.  Those dreams will continue to touch the generations that follow after you…those dreams will pass every law of conforming to traditionalism…those dreams will not have to look perfect, or be perfect…those dreams just have to be released!

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