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Engaging children of this generation to God’s Dream Language

iDream Kids is a complete, all-inclusive resource center designed to equip your children to grow in their walk with God, understand God’s purpose for having a dream life and how to relate the dreams we dream to everyday living.  God desires families to be whole and develop understanding between children and parents, guardians and care givers.Our goal is for your children to build a desire to know and grow with God in every area of their lives including dreams.

Let us join them in their God given nature to support and stand by them as they get to know Christ through the resources on this site.You will be amazed to learn that your children will begin to ask questions about their dreams. You may also be shocked to know many children do not dream, and when they do dream they may not know how to interpret them.  The resources on this page will include multimedia teaching; Kingdom Connection questions, quiz review segments; and dream symbol tracks. In the future we will have videos, Bible verse videos, and print material.

This page is tailor-made to capture the attention of elementary aged children and tweens. Its ultimate purpose is to capture the hearts of the whole family to come together to pioneer and explore a deeper walk together.

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by Kingdom Culture

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