Here I Am

Here I Am

1Samuel 3

Samuel was only 12 years old (according to Jewish historian Josephus) when he first heard God’s audible voice.  It was night time, and he was asleep on his bed. Revelation was scarce in those days, but came to a twelve year old boy while he was asleep. On the other side of the coin you have an old man whose eyes were dim/weak.  This was in the natural and in the spiritual. He no longer received revelation. What was the difference between the old man and the young boy? Obedience and disobedience.

When you learn to be obedient, which means you have learned how to submit to another’s authority, you put yourself in a place to receive revelation and favor from God. We know Samuel was obedient, by the way he responded to the call he heard, while on his bed.  Here am I. The night season is the time of dreaming.  Your spirit never sleeps, so when your head is at rest on a pillow, your heart or spirit is wide awake to receive revelation. Your dreams are revelations that come from God.

Will you listen for His voice, or dismiss it as “just a result of eating too much pizza” before you went to bed. You must be obedient. Will you be submissive to what your dream is telling you, or will you toss it to the side. Submit your dreams and see what God is saying to you. Be quick to respond by saying, here am I…I am listening!


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