The Power of Visualizing Your Dream Through Art

A visualization of your dream will shift you to an abundance and oasis, keeping you in the plumbline ‘now’ the word of the Lord. With your art work, you can connect all that God is downloading on you in 2 or 3 Dimension and accelerate your understanding as it relates both daily and seasonal events of your life.

Challenge Yourself To See In A New Way!

Just as it is important to give attention to Teaching, Preaching, Worship, Tongues, Prophecy, Prophetic dancing as key sources that we are familiar with in the church life, let us also challenge our spirit man to be receptive to see God speaking to us through dreams. Activate your dream life today and watch God by shift your perspective and understanding.

Request for your dream interpretation artwork

Your dream interpretation can be illustrated on a framed canvas – you will be able to select your canvas size and view cost on the form on this page.

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