It’s Not about Sleeping…

It’s Not about Sleeping…

If you truly understand the dynamic of dreaming and that God speaks in the night seasons, then you will look at sleeping in a whole new light!

You will realize that as you sleep (rest), you can accomplish so much in the spirit realm.  You can do warfare, receive insight to a problem, be encouraged with the revelation you receive.  You can receive titles to songs, books or sermons.  You can overcome strongholds and fears as God downloads strategies to you in your dream life.

Why would we just want to sleep, when all of the above can take place during our sleep?  I encourage you to be good stewards of your dream life.  Honor God’s voice by recording what He is saying to you.  HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF HIM WHO BRINGS GOOD NEWS.

Isaiah 52:7

How beautiful upon the mountains

Are the feet of him who brings good news,

When you share a dream with someone and reveal it’s interpretation, you are bringing good news.

Don’t toss your dreams to the side, but see them as precious, valuable gems.  Your dreams are of great worth.

God is speaking and you are choosing to listen to His counsel.  Remember… It’s not about sleeping..It’s about dreaming.

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