The Cedars of Lebanon

The Cedars of Lebanon

Sense of Smell

Amos 9:6 “He who builds His *layers (to ascend, to go up, degrees)  in the sky, and has founded His strata in the earth; the Lord is His name”

9:13b “The mountain shall drip with sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.”

Psalm 104:16 “The trees of the Lord are full of sap, The Cedars of Lebanon which He planted”

*Layers – The Levites would sing songs of ascent probably as they proceeded up the steps to the temple.  In the present reference, the Lord has built His staircase in the sky, a picture of His vast palace through which He walks. 

*Spirit- Filled Bible note on Amos 9:6 Word Wealth

The Cedar trees were used in building Solomon’s Temple, and wood for the second temple.  Cedars are known for their strength, resistance to decay, and gum-like resin from which highly aromatic oils are produced.

In scripture, when you hear of high mountain tops, you will likely think of the cedars that grow there.

When we dream, have visions or trances, we ascend upward.  We too, go through layers and walk among the vast palace of the Lord.  We go high on the mountain top to receive the revelation of Holy Spirit.  When we awake from our revelation we will often times have the fragrance of the Cedars of Lebanon on us.  The gum-like resin will stick to our spirit and the fragrance will be released.


I live among pine trees.  I don’t even have to touch the tree and I get resin on me, the roots from the trees (which also ooze resin) will get all on my shoes as I walk by.


My thought is this, dreaming not only uses the sense of seeing, but can also produce a fragrance, which involves the sense of smell.


During this season of dreaming, experience the fragrance of the Cedars of Lebanon, which represents strength, wholeness, and restoration.

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