The Solar Eclipse and Hurricane Harvey

The Solar Eclipse and Hurricane Harvey

The solar eclipse that recently took place, and hurricane Harvey that is raging as I am writing, both reveal valuable truths.  One, caused us to look up and the other is causing us to look out.  As we fix our gaze upward, we then will automatically begin to look outward.

When trouble surrounds we are instructed by scripture to look up.  Our focus narrows toward Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Jesus fills us with His love, covers us with His wings, and satisfies us with His peace.  After this encounter, and only after, will we be able to shift our gaze outward, toward others.  Because we looked up, we now have something to offer others; love, comfort and peace.

Many, many times your dreams will reflect what your eyes have been focusing on.  What are you dreaming?  This may very well be what you are looking at.  Shift your vision and your dreams will begin to shift.  Look up, look out,  and look to your dream life!

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