Vulnerability – the quality or state of being exposed

When Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers, he became vulnerable, which means he became exposed.  We often dwell on the individual (Joseph) who is vulnerable, but today I would like to dwell on the people (brothers) to whom a person is being vulnerable with.

When you allow others to share their dreams with you, please keep in mind that they are trusting you with some very exposed areas.  Dreams can reveal a lot about a person’s life. How will you handle this?

One reason Joseph’s brothers despised his vulnerability is because they disliked what it exposed about them.  They were going to bow down to him!  The pride in the brothers produced a disgust of Joseph’s dreams and how he interpreted them.  If only they would have remained humble with the vulnerability of Joseph’s dreams…I believe things would have turned out differently for them.

A key to dealing with vulnerability is to stay humble with the individual sharing their dreams with you.  Love them and cover them.  Don’t judge or ridicule the exposure of another.  Love covers, and humility is beautiful.

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