Prophetic Intercession

Prophetic Intercession

Dreams are a great way to discover what issues need to be covered in prayer. I often say that the most effective prayer comes as the Spirit of God reveals.  To be prophetic simply means to be inspired by God.  God breathes into you, the intercessor, you receive His instruction, and then obey what He reveals. You obey through praying into the revelation.

I once had a dream that a family member was carrying a huge cross.  The cross was way bigger than the person carrying it.  I could clearly see the struggle in his face.  He was downcast and moving very slowly under the weight of the cross.  When I woke up I began to pray.  I spoke into my relative, by the Spirit.  I spoke peace, strength, wisdom, endurance.  I knew this was a cross he must bare so I did not try to remove the cross from him.  I asked for a fresh wind of the Spirit to be sent to him on his journey.

Watch your dream life!!  Decipher if this is God directing you to pray.  If it is, then pray until you feel you have connected to heaven on behalf of someone else.


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