Regional Dreaming

Regional Dreaming

If you travel and stay in different cities then you may want to watch your dream life.  You will be surprised at the revelation you can receive while dreaming when away from home.  You will become sensitive to the atmospheres around you when traveling.  You may ask, “Why is this something I would need to know?”  The answer is clear as I share a couple of experiences with you.


When staying in Atlanta, Georgia I had a dream that revealed to me two strongholds over that city.  This prepared me for any feelings I may experience while in that region.  I could rest in knowing that the things I was experiencing were not coming from me, but from the principalities (Ephesians 6:12) over that region.  God did not reveal this to me so I would war for the city while I was there, but rather to inform me of what was going on around me.  A few nights later I was in Charlotte NC, again I had a dream that showed me the spiritual atmosphere over that region, and again it helped me to understand what was going on in Charlotte.  The purposes were for my good.  I was not in the dark as to spiritual surroundings.


Maybe your experience will be related more to visiting relatives or friends in different cities or towns.  While you are visiting, your dreams can show you what the temperature is in that house.  Listen to your dreams.  God is equipping you to be able to not only minister to those you are staying with, but also to allow you to pray over their home, region.


Your dreams may show you the evil in a region or the good.  Whichever one it is, be sure and acknowledge your thankfulness to the Lord for spiritually preparing you during your stay.

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